3 MUSTS for keeping your PETS healthy

Posted On : July 18, 2017 PET HEALTH

Many of you know that we lost our family dog to lymphoma last month.

She was only 8yo and one of the best dogs we have ever owned.

When she was first diagnosed we were shocked. How could our dog get cancer? We fed her an organic grain free kibble, we lived in a toxic free household, and we minimized the amount of drugs that went into her. I thought we were doing everything right to keep her toxic load low.

Two veterinarians we saw said she was a Rottweiler and they are just prone to cancer. Aka…it’s in her genes. But with everything I know about health, I knew that toxins turn on genes. So if my dog had a gene for cancer, something turned it on.

The other thing I know about genes is that if they get turned on with toxins, you can turn them off with the ketogenic diet, the right supplements, and a good detox.

Luckily we had a holistic vet, Dr. Stephanie Sur, that we had worked with for years. So we went to her looking for answers on how to fight cancer naturally with our dog.

Our dog was given a month to live once she was diagnosed. With the natural principles we used, we were able to enjoy her for another year and half.

Last Friday I asked Dr. Sur to come do a FB live with me. I wanted to interview her so you all can hear the do’s and don’ts of keeping your dogs cancer free.

In this interview, we talk about three key principles:

  • Keeping your pet’s environment toxic free.
  • What’s the best food to feed your pets.
  • How to apply the ketogenic diet to your pets.

I have attached the interview here for you to watch. I hope the information we share gives you more time with your pet, than I got with mine. If you find the info useful, please share it.

If you have any questions about the protocols I used with my dog please reach out. I am happy to share with you what worked and didn’t work for us.

Have an awesome day!

Dr. Mindy