Reset Your Health With A 4-Day Water Fast

Here’s what I will be teaching you:

  • The exact steps I use when coaching my patients through a 4-Day Water Fast. You will learn everything from how to prepare for your fast, what to focus on each day, how to overcome any obstacles, and what you can expect while fasting.
  • Learn the science behind fasting and why so many people are finding it such a powerful  tool to resetting your health.
  • How do you know what type of fast is best for you? I will teach you the different levels of fasting so that you can find the right fasting fit for you.
  • Learn what you can do to prepare your body for a 4-Day Water fast so that your experience is the best possible.
  • How do you measure how your fast is going? I will show you exactly how to measure your fast so that you understand how deeply your body is repairing and if the fast is working for you.
  • Access to our Fasting FB community & my personal Resetter FB group. Both of these groups, I will be there to answer your questions. You will also get the support of my Resetter community, many of which have completed a 4-Day Fast.
  • The most important part of fasting, is how you break your fast. Learn what strategies you need to apply to successfully break your fast.
  • Daily inspiration from me. I am cheering you on! I want your fasting experience to be the so awesome that you can’t wait to do it again. So, I have included videos for you on each day of the fast from me to keep you fired up and moving in a positive direction.

I’m excited to have you in our fasting community! I can’t wait for you to feel the amazing health benefits that fasting gives you.

Reach out if you need anything. I am here for you. We are on this journey together!

See you in the group!

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