A Game Changer

Posted On : January 28, 2016
Getting healthy is not alway easy.

Changing what you eat. Working out when you hate it. It is much easier to take pill, right?

It’s this mindset that has us such a sick country. Taking responsibility for your health is difficult.

But what if I told you there is a game changer to this scenario, that if you grasp this one idea, all your health changes will become easier.

Here it is…

It’s all about what you FOCUS on. When you go to “get healthy” do you feel like you are depriving yourself?

Quit focusing on what you will LOSE by changing your lifestyle and changing your diet and FOCUS on what you will GAIN by changing…

1. Focus on losing 20#s, being healthy and being there for your kids instead of the PAIN of exercising.

2. Focus on having more energy, feeling great and preventing Cancer instead of the PAIN of changing your diet, getting rid of bad foods, etc.

Focus on SUCCESS in every area of your life and NOTHING LESS!

Last Saturday, we had over 75 people fill the stage of our HEALTH MAKEOVER. Those 75 people had just completed the 15-Day Detox I map out in The Reset Factor. Most them reported increased energy, less appetitite, and many had dropped significant weight.

Yes. they had to make changes to their life.
Yes, it was hard in the beginning.

BUT now they get to live in a body that feels amazing!

I had several conversations with patients that attended our event on Saturday. Many of them really liked this video from Tony Robbins I played at the end. I’m reposting it here so that you all can benefit from seeing it as well.


Keep focusing on success!! Keep seeing a better version of you! Shut out the critics, shut out the noise in your head that tells you this is too hard.


Dr. Mindy