Chiropractic Care for Ear Infection?

Posted On : April 09, 2009
chiropractor care for ear infections

“By the age of three years, more than 70 percent of children will have had at least one episode of earache and about a third will have had more than three episodes.” This alarming statistic reported by Dr. Peter Fysh D.C. in his article “Kids Need Chiropractic Too” demonstrates a real concern. Typical treatments include antibiotic prescriptions and surgeries performed by medical doctors, both of which can have side effects. Chiropractic is a perfect alternative. “Children with ear [infections] attending the chiropractor will usually respond within about 3 visits” without the possible side-effects that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery carry.

The anatomy of a child’s ear is quite different than an adult. In children, the eustachian tube (drainage tube) is more horizontal making drainage difficult and an ideal medium for infection. Compounding this issue is the trauma to the delicate spine that a new born endures during delivery and the rough and “tumble” world of being a baby and a toddler. When the upper spine of a baby becomes misaligned the fragile nerves that exit at those levels will be affected. This results in muscle spasm in the infant’s neck restricting drainage from the ear. So before you or someone important to you takes an infant in for another round of antibiotics or surgery make an appointment with a chiropractor instead.

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