Have you Turned on your inflammation switch?

Posted On : April 01, 2016 Have you turned on your inflammation switch

Did you know that you have an inflammation switch inside you? One that can easily be turned on by your lifestyle.

Most doctors and scientists would agree that the root cause of many chronic health conditions is too much inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, weight loss resistance, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, and even Alzheimers.

If you want to live in a disease free body that feels great, you’re going to have to figure out what turns OFF your switch.

There are three ways you can turn off your INFLAMMATION SWITCH.

1. Stop doing the behavior that turned the switch on

No doubt this is easier said than done. But here are some of the conditions that turn on your inflammation switch:

-chronic stress
-poor eating
-eating GMO foods
-toxic overload
-medications you are on for years
-multiple surgeries
-damage to your spine
-lack of movement
-poor sleep

The first step in turning off your inflammation switch is to fix the above conditions and behaviors.

When I first work with a patient, I am constantly scanning their health history to see where they turned their inflammation switch on. Usually the switch gets turned on in childhood, and because we are a culture of fixing problems with medications, the switch never gets turned off. The medication may temporarily reduce the inflammation, but it places more damage on the body initating a greater inflammatory problem. This is why one medication often leads to another.

2. Repair the damage that has caused the switch to be turned on

If you want to turn the switch off for good you need to repair the damage that has occurred. The best systems to start with are your nervous system, gut, and liver. If you fix the damage here, the body has no reason to inflame.

If you haven’t read The Reset Factor or tried the 45-day Reset, that is a GREAT place to start to turn off your switch. I also love the biomarker test we do in my office. It tells me what systems in the body are depleted and need repair in order for your inflammation to go down.

3. Take a natural advil

If you know that chronic inflammaiton is an issue for you as you are repairing the breakdowns in your body, try taking high doses of turmeric and omega 3 fish oils.

I call this my natural advil. There are literally thousands of great studies done on these two supplements and the power they have on reducing inflammation. I recommed it in high doses. Especially if you are in chronic pain. Email me and I will send you my protocol.

Hope that helps! Many of you have reached out and asked me questions. I love it! Remember health is like a new language you are learning. You need to keep speaking it, hang around others that are speaking it and submerge yourself in as many situations as possible that force you to speak it.

Have an awesome day!

Dr. Mindy