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The health of your microbiome plays a pivotal role in your overall health.

Your immune system, metabolism, and brain function are all enhanced by having a diverse, healthy microbiome. Yet, very few of your doctors are teaching you how to keep your microbiome healthy.

Here are some of the key concepts you need to know about these helpful bacteria that live all over your body:

The most important time for your microbiome is in the womb, at birth, and the first 3 years of your life. This is when you will begin BUILDING your microbiome.

Your first key exposure to these helpful bacteria comes from your mother while in the womb.

Her bacteria influence your brain development and metabolism. In fact, her microbiome has such a powerful effect on your health that scientists are now discovering that conditions like autism may start from a bacterial imbalance in the womb.

Same is true for your metabolism. Too many bad microbes in your gut will slow down your metabolism and cause you to hold onto weight for no apparent reason. Overweight moms hand these microbes off to her children causing their metabolisms to be sluggish.

Your second key exposure to a healthy microbiome comes from your birth.

As you exit the birth canal, vaginal fluids go in your nose and start to fertilize your digestive tract. Children born by c-section miss out on this vital process and never get good start to their gut microbiome.

Children born by c-section are

5x’s more likely to asthma & allergies
20% more likely to develop type 1 diabetes
80% more likely to have celiac disease
Your third key exposure to a healthy microbiome comes from breastfeeding & skin contact.

When you are breastfed your mother’s body is constantly monitoring your bacterial needs. If your immune system is down, your mom’s beneficial bacteria will increase to help you fight off the infection. Isn’t that cool?!! We are so well designed!

Same thing when we get lots of skin contact as a baby. There are helpful bacteria on our skin that we pick up from those that hold us. When we are constantly lathering antibacterial soap on our hands prior to holding our babies, they miss our on some of the good bacteria that can come from skin contact.

As miraculous as this bacteria system is, because of the increase in C-sections and our obsession with antibacterial everything, many children are born with very little exposure to healthy microbes.

What do you do if you or your child missed these 3 key microbial moments?

1.Start now.

Don’t delay! It’s never too late to grow healthy microbes.

2.Avoid antibiotics at all costs.

Life or death. That is what antibiotics are for. There are many great natural remedies for colds & flus. Learn as much as you can about them.

3.Stop the hand sanitizer.

Your skin microbiome communicates with your gut microbiome. Throw away the hand sanitizer and use things like essential oils that won’t kill the good bacteria on your skin.

4.Improve the microbiome in your mouth.

Yes, you have bacteria in your mouth that help you breakdown food. If you are using anti-bacterial mouth washes or toxic toothpaste with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate you are killing these helpful bacteria.

5.Start adding in good bacteria in as many places as possible

I recommend to my patients a probiotic lotion, toothpaste, nasal spray along with a probiotic supplement. I also recommend eating as many fermented foods as possible.

If you are interested in our probiotic products email and she will get you the info on those products.


No beating yourself up! I tell all the moms that I work with “Its NEVER too late!”. Don’t despair. Start applying the above principles and overtime you will help your child regrow their microbiome.

Reach out if you need help.

Have an amazing day!

Dr. Mindy