Is Oprah Right?

Posted On : January 29, 2016
Is Oprah right? Can we eat what ever we want and be healthy and thin?
Well, if you follow me at all on social media you know I have a VERY strong opinion about Oprah’s comments this week.

For those of you new to this story, Oprah has bought 10% of the Weight Watchers company and is doing ads on a regular basis promoting the Weight Watcher way.

This week she said she’s losing weight while eating bread. As long as she stays within her points, she can eat all her favorite foods.

Why would this bother me? What is wrong with this statement? We all love bread, how could it bad for us?

On so many levels Oprah’s message is to damaging to our health. I know that it is confusing for some.

It’s the MINDSET around health that has to change in our country.  If we are going to stop the growing number of cases of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, we have to take a new look at how we treat our bodies.


If you want to lose weight, you need to start focusing on being healthy.

Your body will hold onto weight for a very specific reason; imbalance in hormones, destruction of your gut microbiome, over accumulation of toxins, or depletion of methyl groups.

When you deprive yourself of calories, like Oprah is doing now, you can get a TEMPORARY result. But if you don’t repair one of those four reasons, your body will eventually put weight back on again. This is why people yo-yo when they “diet” and get sicker and sicker.


The quality of your food determines the diseases you get.

Low fat, non fat, sugar free are all code names for chemicals. The more chemicals you eat the more damage occurs to your gut and liver. If you want to live a vibrant, healthy life that is free from weight gain and disease, you need to eat real food that is free from harmful chemicals.


Just because they sell a food in SAFEWAY, doesn’t mean it’s safe.

This is a hard one for many people to wrap their head around. But not all the food in your grocery store is not safe for you. There are known carcinogens in many of the foods. MANY of the DIET, including weight watchers foods, are packed with these harmful chemicals.

How would you know if you were eating a chemical that was damaging your health? The easiest way to avoid these chemicals is to start reading labels. If you can’t pronounce a word in it, it is most likely a chemical. Another great place to look is the sugar content. How many grams of sugar does the food you are eating have?

The American Heart Association says that we should have no more than 25grms of sugar a day. I recently did a workshop for kids and taught them how to read labels, we calculated that a bottle of coke had close to 100grms of sugar over 4x’s the Heart Associations recommendation.

If we are going to stop the health crisis we have in our country, we have to get back to conversation of QUALITY of food. We have to stop trying to eat so that we like the number on the scale.

There are many challenges with the quality of bread and what it does to our gut. If this is new to you, stay tuned because I will be discussing this topic over the next few weeks in my emails.

I wish Oprah the best on her weight loss success. I wish she was talking about all the amazing fresh fruit and vegetables she was eating and how that was causing her to drop weight.

If this is new information to you, come to our next event. This is where I teach nutrition. The next event, Recipe Night, I will be going over the 4 things that are causing you to gain weight and what you can do about it.

Until then, stay informed!

Dr. Mindy