Is your Brain functioning right?

Posted On : April 12, 2016 shutterstock_250853188

Have you ever had the feeling that your brain was not working the way it used to?

Well just like other parts of your body, the brain is highly susceptible to toxins. If you have been reading my emails or come to any of my talks, you know that I am extremely concerned about the amount of  toxins we are exposed to today.

How do you know if toxins are effecting your brain function?

There are several signs that indicate your brain may be in toxic overload:

1. Memory

If you feel like you can’t access thoughts as quickly as you used to, that is a good sign you may have too much exposure to heavy metals. Heavy metals are everywhere. In fact, heavy metals have becomes such a huge problem for my patients, we will be rolling out a heavy metal detox protocol in just a few weeks to specifically pull these harmful toxins from your brain. Stay tuned.

2. Depression

Everyone things depression is circumstantial. I strongly feel that depression, anxiety, and mood disorders are physiological. If you fix the breakdowns in your body that control hormones that make you happy, you will handle what life gives you much better. Take serotonin for example. Your serotonin levels are very much controlled by the health of your gut and your nervous system. If those two systems are damaged, your serotonin levels will be low.

3. Insomnia and Low Energy

I am clumping these two together, because I have found that when people have trouble sleeping and are exhausted during the day, that is usually a brain issue. Remember your brain is the master controller of you whole body. It has to been working right for the most basic functions of the body to work properly. If the brain is out of balance, you will never get a good night’s sleep.

So what can you do to fix your brain? Here are several steps I take with patients.

1. Add more fat into your diet

Sixty percent of your brain is fat. You need good fat in your diet in order for your brain to work right. Avocados, coconut oil, organic butter, or raw nuts are all great sources of GOOD fat that will get your brain functioning right.

2. Pull toxins and heavy metals out

This is a complicated topic. That is why I am dedicating the next RESET DINNER specifically to toxins and your brain. But a great starting place is with toxins in your food. Start reading labels. If there is a word in the label you can’t pronounce, most likely it is a toxin.

3. Repair your gut

Neurotransmitters that help your brain function normally are all made in the gut. You have to have a healthy gut in order for your brain to work right. A great place to start building yourself a healthy gut, is by taking a high quality probiotic or eating probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.

4. Correct your spine

Your spine is protecting the most important organ in your body; your nervous system.

In order to protect this system properly it was built to have curves in it. With the increase use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets most people are losing these vital curves. This puts undo pressure on the brainstem and will dramatically effect how your brain will work. Unfortunately, the only way to know if you have these curves is by an x-ray. Reach out to a corrective care chiropractor who can evaluate these curves. If you catch an adverse change in your spinal curves quickly enough, you can prevent permanent damage to your nervous system.

Those of you that have taken an Organic Acids Test (aka biomarker test) with me, most likely already know if you have imbalances in your gut and neurotransmitters that are effecting your brain. if you haven’t taken that test, I highly recommend it. Reach out to my office manager Jessica at 408-298-8092 or respond to this email and she’ll explain how that test works.

Hope that helps!

Reach out if you need anything.

Have an amazing day!!

Dr. Mindy