New Patients

Dr. Mindy is now accepting new patients!

To apply, please call to set up an appointment with us at 408.298.8092.  We look forward to helping you!
Thank you for choosing Family Life Chiropractic

We have a very thorough process that we take patients applying for our care through. Please read below to find out more about our process.

Insurance and Cost:

We do verify all forms of insurance; however, your first appointment with us is always out-of-pocket. Please bring any insurance information, including your insurance card, so that we can send it to our offsite billing company to be verified. That first appointment is $257 and will cover the following:


15 minutes Consultation with Dr. Mindy

Toxicity Build-up Evaluation

Bio-toxin & General Toxicity Exam

Cellular Inflammation Test (Urine)

Metabolic Measurements

Spinal & Nervous System Exam

Adrenal Fatigue Test

X-rays (if needed)