Quick Tip: 5 Ingredients you NEVER want to eat

Posted On : March 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday! Here is your QUICK TIP for the day.

Here are 5 ingredients you should NEVER eat!

1. BHA & BHT

-find it: in chewing gum, breakfast cereals, breads, crackers, potato chips, and nut mixes
-causes: neurological problems, behavioral issues, hormonal issues, metabolic dysfunction, and cancer

2. THBQ (tertiary-butyl hydroquinone)(so dangerous 5 grams will kill you)

-find it: instant noodles, crackers, candy, and commercial pizza
-causes: nausea, vomitting, tinnitus, delirium, liver toxicity, reproductive mutations

3. Sodium Benzoate

find it: soft drinks, fruit juices, salad dressings, and pickles
causes: hyperactivity, asthma, cirrhosis, Parkinson’s, and cancer

4.Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite

find it: deli meats, bacon, ham, smoked fish, and hot dogs
causes: colorectal, stomach, and pancreatic cancers


-find it: dough conditioner in commercial baked goods (this is the plastic chemical found in yoga mats)
-causes: cancer, asthma, and allergies

I’ll be going over more of this tonight at the RESET DINNER. See you at 6pm!

Hope this helps! Start reading your labels and if you see these ingredients, don’t eat it!

Dr. Mindy