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“I am so excited to share, I got my re-check results yesterday for my spine (lower back)!! So excited to say that my curve has improved significantly!!! It feels so good to see so much progress and to know that the homecare and visits to Dr. Mindy are really making a difference! Thank you Dr. Mindy Pelz-Hall for leading the charge!!!” – Karen B.


“Not only did I feel great throughout my pregnancy, but I know that my labor went easily because of chiropractic. Now I tell every pregnant woman to get to a chiropractor!” -Bernie G.


“The detox and Dr. Mindy’s protocols have helped me more than I ever thought possible. Since I started seeing Dr. Mindy I’ve lost weight, gained energy, felt better, and look at health in a very different way. I can think more clearly and am more focused at work because of it. ” – Stephanie B.


“I made my first chiropractic appointment out of desperation. Even though I had completed Kaiser’s 10-week back care program, my back and hips still hurt so much that I could not sleep at night. My health deteriorated because I was exhausted due to lack of sleep, and I cried at night because nothing I did alleviated the pain. My first chiropractic adjustment gave me instant relief. After a few appointments I felt good again.” -Barbara I.


“I urge all the people I know personally to seek chiropractic treatment. It works wonders!” – Charley T.


“I am a full time mother of a four-year old boy. I also write grants for a living. Both my son and I initiated chiropractic care at Family Life in August 2004, but for completely different symptoms. My reason for starting care was for right leg pain that I had been experiencing at night six months prior to my initial visit to FLC. It was a rather annoying pain that kept me up night after night, interrupting my daily life due to lack of sleep, and of course, invaluable time I could have been spending with my son and the things I loved to do like singing in the choir and golfing. My son’s, Jeremy’s, condition was at the other end of the spectrum. For almost two and a half years he had constant gastro-intestinal problems. At that time our lives were very difficult because he was constantly constipated and irritable as a result. We felt that a hold was placed on all our lives because of his irritability, inability to eat or sleep, and thus inability to lead a normal two-year old’s life. We had consulted two different GI specialists and test after test, laxative after laxative, enema after enema, along with daily motility drugs, suppositories, etc nothing seemed to work for Jeremy. It was rather disheartening and frustrating. Now after three months of chiropractic care at FLC, not only is my leg pain non-existent, but who would have thought that Jeremy’s issue was resolved to a large extent as well! He is no longer on the motility medications, no more enemas or suppositories and the only thing that changed in our lives was the addition of chiropractic care. The impact on my family’s life cannot be expressed verbally…we have our little boy back in full force. He is eating, sleeping, less irritable…all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. My advice to anyone considering chiropractic care is to be open-minded and realize that the effects and benefits of chiropractic care are far-reaching!” -Ellen H.