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Posted On : May 30, 2017 travel

How to stay healthy when you TRAVEL

Well I learned something about myself this past weekend.

I’m a food, wine, and coffee snob.

I really struggle to put bad food and drinks into my body. I know too much. And I care too much.

This has created a serious challenge for me.

My daughter does this sport called equestrian vaulting. She has been working all year to qualify to represent the US at the Jr. World Championships this summer in Austria. This quest has sent us to many random places in the past few months…Vegas, Calabasas, Canada. The days are long and healthy food is sparse.

So I had to come up with a solution.

How can I enjoy these events and not lose momentum with my health?


Here is what I came up with:


If you can train your body to go 15+ hours without food, you require less food. I did a dinner to dinner fast a couple of days which meant I only had to put one bad meal in my mouth.


Have you heard of a leaky gut? Hopefully if you have been reading my newsletters this is not new information for you.

A leaky gut is a condition where you have microholes in your gut that allow toxins that were meant for excretion to get back into your bloodstream. It’s called autointoxication. Once in the bloodstream these toxins create an inflammatory reaction. Enough toxic exposure will damage your brain & thyroid.

Restore is the best product on the market for repairing those microholes. When I know I can’t get organic, non-gmo food I take a teaspoon of Restore before every meal.

They have a travel size that makes it easy to take with you.


Digestive enzymes help you breakdown food. Most the time when you travel, you eat out often. You have very little control over the quality of food you get when you eat out. Harmful oils, chemical laden foods, and gmo foods are all really hard for your digestive system to breakdown.

This is where enzymes come in. I carry digestive enzymes with me to every restaurant. I take a couple after a meal.


Binders are magic! They are naturally occurring substances that bind to toxins in your gut and allow your body to excrete them. Activated charcoal is a great example of a good binder.

I used two different binders to help pull any pesticides, glyphosate, chemicals out of my gut.

Wow, did this help! My two favorite binders are BIND by Systemic Formulas & Cytodetox.

So many of you have asked me…”What do you do when you travel?”

Well, this is what I did.

Took me several trips to perfect it.

You can try and make smart choices when traveling, but many times you struggle. I definitely did this weekend. But the above strategy was key.

Came home feeling great!

Watch below my FB live on this topic. If you follow me on FB stay tuned.

Hope that helps.

Have an amazing day!

Dr. Mindy


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