What most people don’t know about HEALTH

Posted On : April 13, 2016 shutterstock_400643248

I have been in the trenches helping people pull themselves out of MASSIVE health breakdowns for over twenty years.

In that time, I have learned a lot about how the human body heals and why people today have so many symptoms and are so sick.

If you could sit where I sit and hear the stories that I hear everyday, you would see that there is a common health story that many people have. The story looks like this:

The person was healthy, happy and living life to the fullest.

One day they don’t feel so good. They go to the doctor. The doctor gives them drugs. The drugs help symptoms, they feel “healthy” again.

They continue on living life the exact way they did before their health had a temporary problem. They continue to eat poorly, build stress, and get little sleep. Before they know it another health problem appears. This time it’s worse than the last one, or the symptoms are in a new place. They go to the doctor, the doctor gives them a drug. Drug cures the symptom. They feel healthy again.

Years go by, they start feeling random symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, depression. Drugs aren’t solving the problem. Perhaps they have had multiple surgeries by this point. They still feel not well. The doctor says it’s aging or genetics. They feel frustrated, hopeless, and out of answers.

MILLIONS of people manage their health like this.
MILLIONS of people are out of answers.
MILLIONS of people are building disease and have no clue.

You don’t have to manage your health this way. You don’t have to be out of answers. You don’t have to “live” with your symptoms.

I have SURPRISING news for you. Your body was not meant to be treated this way.

If you are tired of feeling bad, you have to do three things.

1. You need to make your health a PRIORITY

What you focus on grows. If you focus on health, you will live in a healthy body. If you make everything else a priority in life, you will build a diseased one.

2. You need a true HEALTH plan

Not a drug plan. Not a surgery plan. You need a reset your health plan…naturally.

You need someone who will look at your lifestyle, all the drugs and surgeries you have been through, all the foods you eat, all the stress that has attacked your body, and can help you repair the damage. Your body is a miracle. It has the power to reverse almost any health problem. You need a plan that taps into that power.


What?! Yes, you heard me right. You need a team of cheerleaders that are supporting you, cheering you on, and helping you stay the course with your health.

In today’s world, it is easy to get distracted. You need people that make health a priority as well and have 100% FAITH you will heal and can be your BEST regardless of your age, your diagnosis, or your genetics.

I promise you if you follow these three steps. You can heal from ANYTHING. You can have insane energy. You can drop weight. You can be out of pain..for good!!

This is why I am doing PAY IT FORWARD day next Wednesday. I have opened up 5 new patient spots for people who are tired of living in a body that doesn’t feel good. I will sit with you, listen to what your body has been through, do a thorough exam and x-rays, and come up with a plan you can succeed at and finally feel well again. It is a two visit process and normally costs $400.

On PAY IT FORWARD DAY I am donating my services. What I mean by that, is that instead of paying the $400, all that I am asking in exchange for those two visits is that you make a donation of $50 to THE BREAST CANCER FUND.

You get your health back on track and we all get to support an organization that is working tirelessly to stop the growing cancer rates.

I have also opened up 2 nutritional consult appointments for people who live out of the area and want a nutrition plan they can follow. This is a phone appointment with me where we look at what nutritional changes you need to make to be healthier.

If you or a loved one, wants one of these appointments respond to this email or call us at 408-298-8092.

We are here to help. We know with the health care delivery system we are teaching our patients we can change the suffering and disease that plagues so many.

Spread the word.

In Health-

Dr. Mindy